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Sleep Problems can really affect your physical and mental health. Our music is elegantly crafted with the binaural beat technology to influence your brainwaves to a relaxation state.

Stress Relief

Our natural solution will bring back your mental and physical health.

The music aims to eliminate all stressful thoughts by slowing down your
brainwave activity.
Welcome to your Dream World.

Each master piece has been engineered by our experienced binaural beat producers at their studio in Lima, Peru. Our tracks are based on a remarkable discovery made in 1839, which was the binaural beat. Coupled with natural sound effects and superb instruments our music will change your brain waves to a relaxed state of mind so that within minutes you can be transported to a place of peace and tranquillity.

So stop looking at the ceiling for hours, tossing, turning and then
waking up to a miserable day.

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Supporting artist in 3rd world countries more...

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So Stop with the Tossing and Turning from the sleepless nights

EasySleepMusic is your natural solution

Time to stop the sleep problems

You only have to go as far as our YouTube channel to see what people are saying about our music.

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For Every Track you buy, you improve the lives of
our artist in 3rd world countries

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Music Therapy
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In the Forest Relaxing Music

Light track with beautiful sounding strings in the background. The acoustic guitar tones m   more info

Sale: $4.99 Paypal Button
Oasis Relaxing Music

Track features acoustic guitar, strings, soft electric pianos and pads throughout the song   more info

Sale: $4.99 Paypal Button
Mystical Relaxing Music

Music track featuring repetitive arpeggios, mellow sounds and nature sound in the backgro   more info

Sale: $4.99 Paypal Button
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More About the Origins of our relaxing sleep music

The idea was derived from our musicians who specialise in relaxing music based around nature sounds and nature music. They also specialise in binaural beat and relaxation techniques. Former suffers of sleep problems and insomnia went onto invent something unique an exciting. Music that uses organic instruments and the sciences of sounds to help you stop suffering from sleep.

How we Support Artists

We are part of a7record records which is an ethical record label. So for every sale of the music, part of that goes back to the artists in the 3rd world countries. This allows them to make money from their talent and most importantly improve their lives. We are part of a7record records which is [...]

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How It Works

So here is the clever bit. Our Music uses binaural beat technology combined with nature sounds and organic instruments. The relaxation music creates a calming state of mind to help you forget about your worries so you can regain your healthy sleep patterns.

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How We Started

So this was a journey started by our artist who suffered from sleeping problems. He knew that sleeping pills would just increase his stress  problems and worsen is health so was on a mission to create a natural solution. He stumbled on a sound technology called binaural beat which can be used to encourage a [...]

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Relaxing Music

Scientists now believe that listening to relaxing music can aid greatly in the sleeping process.  Want to know how? Read this, it could stop you counting sheep forever! If you are having issues getting off to sleep, or you have woken in the middle of the night and disturbed your sleeping pattern then one of [...]

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Sleep Problems Make You Horrible. Around 25% of People Suffer
from Sleep Problems..
"Sound Familiar?"

Relaxing Music, Nature Sounds, Meditation Music,Baby Music, Soothing Music- Excellent resources in the quest for Sleep and Relaxation.

If You Suffer from Sleep Problem or Stress, then we Know how you Feel.

We’re Sure that you’ve tried everythings at this point. From changing the mattress to replacingthe bedding, nothing seems to work.

Have you suffer from those endless nights of staring at the celling, or just tossing and turningor even trying to count sheep? You’r Frustrated and angry.. which just makes it worse….your just looking at the clock thinking how little sleep your going to get. It’s Serious. you shuffle about….and try everything only to make the experience worse.

You’r simply putting yourself in a position for a HORRIBLE day tomorrow.

And the worst part is that this happens ALL THE TIME…to 25% of people around the world….and there’s no escape at all!


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