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Relaxing Music

Music is something which can greatly change our mood, attitude, and entire outlook; therefore it is hardly surprising that it is becoming more and more popular for people to use relaxing music as a part of their day to day routine.  Relaxing background music is something which has become the norm in hotels, spas and other therapeutic environments to help encourage soothing and calm ambience.  Relaxing music can be used to help encourage a similar atmosphere in the space of your own home.  Relaxing music can consist of natural sounds such as water, winds, breeze and much more.  Alternatively it can simply be classic melodies which gentle and soothing to the ear.  It depends very much on the person listening and their own personal preferences.

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Relaxing music can very much relieve stress as well as improve concentration and general working environment.  Offices are an environment which utilise relaxing music, and it is becoming more common for employees to listen to relaxing music whilst they work as it is believed to improve their workflow, stress levels and focus level.

The most relaxing types of music use specific rhythms, tones and frequencies, allowing intervals in the right place, relaxing the listener.  It is said that a rhythm of 60BPM causes the brain waves ad heart rate to synchronise with this rhythm! This process is known as ‘entrainment’.

There are some huge benefits come from relaxing music being a part of your day to day life.  These include improvements in terms of health to greater happiness.  Relaxing music can significantly reduce tension and stress levels.  When your thoughts and concerns are quieted and consumed by gentle music you become at one with the relaxing music.  This can then not only make you feel better due to less stress but actually improve your health.

Also relaxing music can help quiet the mind in order for meditation to take place.  As stated previously, nature sounds can bring the mind into a calm place and greatly improve stillness and peacefulness of the mind.   Further benefits relating to relaxing music is improved muscular tension, this means that whatever environment you are in, be it, yoga class, relaxing hot bath or just sitting in a quiet place, music can take your relaxed state even further meaning that your muscles loosen and stress is lessened. 

Listeners of relaxing music also experience improved night time routine.  Sleep can be greatly enhanced, particularly if someone is a sufferer of a sleeping disorder.  It has been proved that music can help people to sleep for longer as well as more consistently, lessening waking during the night.  Music can take thoughts and anxieties away from the mind and allow you to drift naturally into a sleep.  These are just some of the advantages that relaxing music can bring into your life, as well as improved work technique, reduce pain and improve intimacy.